Anhui BEQ Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on new materials, new energy equipment R & D and production of a national high-tech enterprises, Hefei Science and Technology giant giant enterprises, Hefei New energy equipment model enterprises. The company has more than expert consultants, of which one thousand people, three thousand young people, three professors. The company has 400 square meters of key laboratories, some laboratories open to the outside world.


The company has 35 patents, including 15 invention patents, creating a domestic blank of nine, of which five international leaders. Areas include, graphene, carbon nanotubes, high temperature phosphors, OLED organic small molecular materials, PECVD systems.In addition the company has intelligent high and low temperature CVD system, a variety of vacuum atmosphere tube furnace, all kinds of high and low temperature box furnace, plasma cleaning equipment, RF sputtering equipment, a variety of pressure manual automatic tablet press, a variety of functional size gloves Box, a variety of functions of the ball mill, cermet cutting equipment, zirconia dental sintering furnace and other equipment.


Now the lab is open to the outside world. Can also send samples for experiment.