CNT preparation equipment

Carbon nano tube preparation equipment



Main features:

Our special equipment for continuous carbon Nanotubes Fiber preparation by High temperature Vapor flowconsists of gas control system,liquid injection system,multi-zones tueb furnace,water cooling system,carbon nano tube clection system and infrared drying system.

The maximum temperature of the furnace can reach to 1400 ℃ and be continuously adjustable between 0-1400 ℃.

Vertical heat field, two heating zones, equipped with a liquid injection port ,fluid director and reaction point adjustable temperature measuring device on the top of the equipment.

This carbon nanotube CVD device can achieve continuous growth,a major breakthrough in the industrialization of carbon nanotubes, leading the world in technology

Technical Parameters

Working temp


tube size


heating zone length


Constant zone length


Wire collecting speed

Stepless adjustable, adjustable according to process requirements


Heating Elements


Silicon carbon rod


Temp accuracy

+/- 1 °C


adopts double-layer shell structure and air-cooling system. The insulation material is thicker and the surface temperature of the shell is less than 60 °C. High-purity alumina is used as the furnace material, and the surface of the furnace is coated with a 1750 °C alumina coating imported from the United States, which can improve the heating efficiency (20%) and prolong the use of the instrument.

Structure design


Add water tank under furnace tube, install water tank positioning block on the water tank support platform, accurate positioning.Install the guiding rod inside the water tank, no motor drive is needed, slott on the drive rod , accurate position of wire collecting , ensure the wire collecting point is in the axial center of the furnace tube.

The shape of tube bottom is horn mouth,section is square.There is one glass on both fromt and right side,visual area is 70*70mm for observation

Injection pump equal altitude with furnace,shorten the distance between injector and port at tube.Hose connections for injection pumps and injectors. All gas piping are stainless steel tubes

The nozzle temperature in the furnace can be measured, and the flange is converted into a sheathed flange, convenient to measure the temperature.The lower end of furnace adopts water cooled flange ( water cooling unit self-provided by customer)

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