Fluidized bed

Main features:


Ø fluidized bed consists of Automatic liquid adding device,ultrasonic atomizing generating device, gas supply device, gas flow control device, three-temperature zone fluidized bed reactor and heating device, cyclone separator, solid collecting device, and purification processing device.

Ø Outlet of the gas supply device is connected with the inlet of the ultrasonic atomizing device after passing through the gas flow control device, and the liquid outlet of the automatic liquid adding device is connected with the liquid inlet of the ultrasonic atomizing device. The outlet of the ultrasonic atomizing device is connected with the inlet of the fluidized bed reactor of the three-temperature zone, and the discharge port of the reactor is connected to the cyclone through a transparent pipe, and the gas outlet above the cyclone separator is connected with the purification treatment device, the lower solid collection outlet is connected with the solids collector. After passing through the cyclone, a large amount of gas is passed up through the purification device to the atmosphere, and the solids are trapped in the solids collection device.

Ø  The most difficult thing to control the growth of carbon nanotubes is the interaction between the gas field and the temperature of the flow field. Because there are too many variables,can not ensure consistent form carbon nanotubes, and the quality is very low. Our equipment completely solves the gas field and flow field and The interaction of temperature variables.

Ø The solution uniformly mixes the gas through the flow meter and the static mixing chamber, and through the upper ventilation, the gas passes through the double tube ( sandwich tube preheats gas, while inner chamber grows carbon nanotubes ) to ensure the temperature of the introduced gas into the growth chamber. Solving problem of uniform air intake through the structural design of the porous ceramic mesh. The growth field of the growth chamber is stabilized to ensure high quality and repeatable carbon nanotubes.

Ø Equip with another heating atomizer and a hydrogen alarm

Technical Parameters



Max. Temp


zone length



Temperature Controller


PID automatic control and auto-tune function.

30 programmable segments for precise thermal processing.

Built-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple. 

Operation interface is 10  touch screen


Heating Elements


· Resistance wire, Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo


Temperature Accuracy


+/- 1 °C

Processing tube


Material:high purity quartz

Size:outer 80mm, inner 50mm

Gas supply system,

Connector style

Double cutting ferrule stainless steel connector

Standard range(N2)

50sccm100sccm200sccm500sccm optional



Response time

Gas characteristics14sec

Electrical characteristics:10sec



Working pressure difference range



Max. pressure


Pressure vacuum gauge

0.10.15 MPa, 0.01 MPa/grid

Vacuum unit



Oil capacity


Rotation rate





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