Powder coating PECVD system

Main features:


The device is a fully automated Plasma Enhanced CVD System (PECVD) with continuous temperature control and Plasma strength. Equipped with a vacuum system that can be used under low pressure conditions. The PECVD system enables the entire experimental chamber to be in the glow generation area. The light is uniform and equivalent, which solves the unstable operation of the traditional plasma.

The tube of the device can rotate 360°, which helps the sintering of the powder to be more uniform, can be inclined at a large angle, and is convenient for feeding and discharging. The inclination angle is  Between 0-35°, all pipeline materials passing through  are made of non-metallic materials. For example, the inlet and outlet chambers are made of quartz, and the push rods are made of quartz and PTFE.


Technical Parameters


Max. Temp


Heating zone length


Constant zone length


Temperature Controller


PID automatic control and auto-tune function.

30 programmable segments for precise thermal processing.

Built-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple. 

Operation interface is 10 " LCD touch screen


Heating Elements


Resistance wire, Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo

Temperature Accuracy


+/- 1 °C

Processing tube



Furnace tube rotation rate3~13r/min

Furnace body inclination angle


Plasma system

The system generates plasma by means of glow discharge. In the glow discharge plasma, the electron density is high, and the reaction characteristics of the non-equilibrium plasma are effectively utilized by the reaction gas discharge, which fundamentally changes the energy supply mode of the reaction system.


Feeding system

The speed is continuously adjustable. When the feeding is stopped and the furnace body is tilted to the maximum, the material will not leak . The feeding system is easy to disassemble, and the material can be manually fed after disassembly, and the equipment can operate normally.

Discharge system

The discharging system can automatically discharge when the furnace body is inclined and discharged.



Gas control system

The gas control system can control the mixing ratio of the two gases according to different flow rates, and can also be independently controlled. The mass flow meter is installed in a sealed movable cabinet, which is composed of super clean stainless steel tube and the precision double ferrule joint.


Low vacuum system

Equipped with a vacuum mechanical pump that can be vacuumed to allow the unit to react in a vacuum environment.

Separation system

the system allows the separation of gas and material during the protection of the inflator or when vacuuming.


filtering system

The system prevents material from entering the vacuum pump and ensures proper operation of the vacuum pump.


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