Test level sublimation

Sublimation instrumentOrganic Small Molecule Purification Equipment)  is to purify the organic mixture under vacuum conditions ( re-crystallization after evaporation). The main treatment object is sublimable organic material, or a mixture with mobile phase characteristics such as organic sound and light products (such as An organic photoelectric material for an organic light emitting display) or a nano material.

BEQ provides a variety of sublimation instruments that meet the needs of R&D, pilot and industrialization levels, enabling users to seamlessly integrate from laboratory to production line.

Adopt Vacuum adsorption ball head extrusion seal.The structure is simple and easy to disassemble. Convenient to put in and put materials also operate.

Technical Parameters

Sublimation furnace




AC220V  50/60Hz

heating element

 resistance wire

heating zone

 three zones,three points temp. control independently

 length of zone


Sublimation area and insulation zone temperature

Continuously adjustable from room temperature to 800 ° C

Temperature Controller


PID automatic and double  control by digital  industrial instrument and PLC

Paperless record

Built-in storage record running process data, external USB interface, you can connect one-click copy data with computer.


1half open

2The feeding end is equipped with a high-precision mass flow meter to accurately control the gas flow, which can realize the expansion and adjustment of the production process.

3Automated process flow is used to set the process for one-button operation. Reduce human factors and achieve a process reliability of 99.9%.


Multi-level filter protection device including Microporous metal filter ,condensation trap liquid nitrogen  embedded 


The inner and outer quartz tube devices ensure that the vacuum chamber tubes are free from contamination and are easy to clean.


After the inner layer tube is sublimated, the sections are easy to distinguish, which can ensure the purity and yield of the product to the utmost extent.


Outer tube (single-end sealing): 60/100*1000mm, the inner tube is customized according to requirements

vacuum unit

Direct connection with the main tube and molecular pump to ensure high vacuum in the experiment, the vacuum can reach 10 -4Pa

Fore pump

pumping speed165L/Min

Molecular pump

pumping speed49L/SKF40

Rotating speed81000rpm


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